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released November, 1957
Running Time: 81 minutes
Warner Brothers

Directed by John Ford
Narrated by Tyrone Power

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The Rising of the Moon consists of three short stories, "The Majesty of Law", "A Minute's Wait, and "1918". Following their very successful movie, The Long Gray Line, Director John Ford and Tyrone Power had agreed that they would do another movie together. Ford hoped that they would have the opportunity to do so in The Rising of the Moon . In Ireland to film the movie with the Abbey Theatre Players, he had wanted Power to star in "1918", the longest of the three stories. He also hoped to recruit Maureen O'Hara and Barry Fitzgerald for that story. These three were to provide "marquee appeal". Tyrone Power was not able to commit time to star in the movie, much to Ford's disappointment; further, neither Maureen O'Hara nor Barry Fitzerald committed to the film. Even so, he did manage to get Power to film a brief introduction for each of the stories.

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