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Annabella and Tyrone Power
in "Liliom"

(An individual page has been completed for "John Brown's Body")

Low and Behold, Pasadena Community Playhouse, Pasadena California, 5/16/33

Flowers of the Forest Martin Beck Theater, New York, 04/08/35 (understudy for Burgess Meredith in the role of Leonard Dobie)

Romeo and Juliet, Martin Beck Theater, New York 12/23/35 (15 performances), starring Katharine Cornell; (Tyrone Power as Benvolio)

Saint Joan, Martin Beck Theater, New York beginning 3/09/36 (89 performances), starring Katharine Cornell; (Tyrone Power as Bertrand de Poulengey)

Liliom The Country Playhouse, Westport, Connecticut, 8/11/41, (two weeks); Tyrone starring as Liliom; co-starring Annabella

Russell Collins, Tyrone Power, Hildy Parks, Jackie Cooper, George Matthews
Mister Roberts The Coliseum Theatre, London 7/19/50 (23 weeks)

John Brown's Body , 1952-1953 (tour, beginning 11/1/52; followed by 65 performances from Feb 14, 1953 - Apr 11, 1953, on Broadway at New Century Theatre, New York)

The Dark is Light Enough 1954-1955, presented by Katharine Cornell; performances in a dozen U.S. cities, and in Toronto; Feb 23, 1955 - Apr 23, 1955 Broadway (ANTA Playhouse) 69 performances

A Quiet Place 1955-1956; presented by The Playwrights Company; performances in a few U.S. cities

The Devil's Disciple 2/20/56 (one week), Opera House, Manchester, England; 11/8/56 (19 weeks) Winter Garden, London

Back to Methuselah Mar 26, 1958 - Apr 19, 1958 (29 performances), Ambassador Theatre, New York, starring Tyrone Power, Arnold Moss, Faye Emerson

main cast members in stage companies of Mr. Roberts and John Brown's Body , with their movie counterparts

standing - Lloyd Nolan, Tyrone Power, Raymond Massey, John Hodiak
seated - Charles Laughton, Anne Baxter, Dick Powell, Henry Fonda

Belafonte, Dennis. The Films of Tyrone Power. Citadel Press. 1979.

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