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20-page set

Tyrone Power performed at the The Coliseum Theatre, London, England, for 23 weeks, beginning July 19, 1950. This stint on stage was a success, playing to huge crowds and receiving critical acclaim. Variety called it "a magnificent production" and went on to say that "Tyrone Power gives a warm, colorful and meaningful interpretation of the frustrated officer who fears that the war will pass him by before he gets into active service. In his London stage debut, Power scores a major personal success."

The director of the play was famous Broadway director, Joshua Logan, also a known writer and producer for Broadway. Logan directed such Broadway productions as Picnic, South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun, Fanny, John Loves Mary, Happy Birthday, Wish You Were Here, among others . He also had a limited film directing career. Among his high-profile films were Bus Stop, with Marilyn Monroe and Sayonara, with Marlon Brando.

The pages that follow are 19 pages of photos and information from the souvenir program from the stage play, Mr. Roberts.

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