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Release date: July 12, 1932
Run Time: 82 minutes
Black and White
Universal Pictures
Genre: Drama

Cast and Crew (IMDB)


Tom Brown of Culver is the story of a young man, Tom Brown, who attends Culver Military Academy. He is sponsored by the American Legion as a tribute to his dad, who had been a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, supposedly killed in the war. In a strange turn of events, the young man's father shows up unexpectedly, revealing that he's been a deserter, suffering shell shock. A disillusioned Tom drops out of school, but his friends at school help him sort through his problems. He helps his dad to recover and to receive an honorable discharge. He then returns to school and graduates.

Tom Brown of Culver was directed by William Wyler, one of Universal Studio's primary directors. Tyrone was just eighteen when this movie was released. It was his film debut, and he appeared only briefly in the movie, as a stern upperclassman at Culver Military Academy. This would be the only time that Wyler directed Ty Power, but they became close friends and would remain so for the rest of Ty's life. Deeply saddened by Tyrone's death, Wyler wrote, "Ty Power's shockingly sudden death on set in Spain yesterday made me suddenly aware of my mortality." Tyrone Power's son (born after his death), Tyrone William Power IV, was given the middle name "William" in honor of the director.

Tom Brown (the male lead in Tom Brown of Culver) later played a relatively small part as one of Tyrone Power's brothers in the 1938 movie, In Old Chicago.

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