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reprint from Hello magazine
September 18, 1988

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This article is courtesy of Maria Ciaccia. Thanks so much, Maria. I know that other fans will appreciate this sharing as much as I do.

Romina and Tyrone admiring the views of Venice (above)

Romina Power, daughter of the legendary actor Tyrone Power, and her half-brother Tyrone met for the first time ever only 10 months ago and adored each other on sight.

The brother and sister, who bear a striking physical resemblance to their father, had studiously avoided this significant encounter for years but decided to take the step in the end. The result delighted everyone, especially the two Powers, who have used every opportunity to develop their family link and draw even closer together.

Tyrone, himself a promising actor, has now joined his sister and her family for a concert tour in Italy, but he will not be doing any singing. This will be done by Romina and her singer and composer husband Albano Carrisi, with whom she has formed a highly successful musical team. While the famous couple work, Tyrone minds their two youngest children, Cristel and baby Romina. Romina and Albano have two other children, Ylenia and Yari.

The happy family made a brief excursion to Venice a few days ago and, of course, hired a gondola to see the sights of this beautiful city.

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