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reprint from Screen Guide, May 1939

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SNUBBED thoroughly when he first showed up in Hollywood three years ago at the age of twenty-one, Tyrone Power has a right to be a cynical young man now.

"We were darn rude to him," says an actress who knew him then. "Frankly, we didn't think he had a thing. He was shy. When he tried to get around a bit, as any human must in Hollywood, nobody gave him a tumble. For example, we made him wait all day to play a game of tennis. When he invited us to his apartment for cocktails, we ate and dank our fill, then left him out in the cold."Funny thing -- all of us who snubbed him are still struggling for 'a break.' He's a star -- the biggest in the business. He never tried to 'get even' -- but he did. He's always been so decent, even now, we are plenty ashamed . . . "

Thousands of words have been written about Ty, but nobody has gotten "under his skin." To do that, SCREEN GUIDE'S editors sought out his closest friend, a newspaperman, who said:

Ty never mixes socially with stars.

He appreciates honesty and frankness in people, can't tolerate deceit.

If he wants anything, price doesn't matter. (He drives his manager crazy.)

Recently announced as one of the ten "best-hatted men" in the world, he owns but three hats. He alternates two of them; the other is a wrong size!

His close friends are not actors -- one is a film editor, another a columnist, another a writer.

He is as stubborn as a peeved mule. He asks advice, but most know why. Nothing -- this includes marriage -- will stand in the way of his career.

That's the kind of man Ty Power is.

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