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Memoirs of a Cad Good Housekeeping Apr 1960
Romina & Tyrone Power, Jr. Hello September 1988
From Hollywood Wife to Businesswoman Hello Nov 12, 1988
Linda Moves Near Ty, Jr. & Taryn Hello April 28, 1990
Fox's Leading Man AMC Magazine May 1990
Memorial Service Hello Nov 30, 1991
Power Play AMC Magazine, Jan 1992
Linda Talks About Ylenia Hello magazine Feb 19, 1994
At His Brentwood Mansion Architectural Digest Apr 1994
Ty, Jr. Weds Delane Matthews Hello Jly 22, 1995
The Power & the Glory AMC magazine Mar 1996
Taryn Lives the Life ... Hello magazine Feb 23, 1997
Tyrone Power, Jr. and John Clark Gable Hello magazine May 3, 1997

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