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Home Is Where the Heart Is Motion Picture, Jul 1950
Black Rose Movie Story, Sep 1950
Will They Be Called Again? Motion Picture, Oct 1950
My Wonderful Husband Woman's Own, Dec 7, 1950
Happy Parents at Last Silver Screen, May 1952
The House That Spells Welcome Modern Screen, Sep 1952
Powers Pose for Portraits Look, Dec 2 1952
John Brown's Body Hits the Road Colliers, Dec 6, 1952
Troubled Twosomes Photoplay, Jan 1953
Poetic Platform Drama Life, Jan 26, 1953
Can You Name This Star? Saturday Evening Post, Oct 24, 1953
It's Been a Good Life Modern Screen, Nov 1953
Love Affair With Life Hollywood Life Stories, 1953, No 3
Kings Row Modern Screen, Dec 1954
Long Gray Line Life, Feb 21, 1955
Story of the New Christopher Fry Play Theatre Arts, Feb 1955
Fry's Finest Theatre Arts, Mar 1955
Yes-No, No-Yes Newsweek, Mar 1955
Witty Wisdom in Poet's Play Life, April 1955
Dark Is Light Enough Life, Feb 21, 1955
Something Old, Something New Life, Jan 13 1958
Heart Attack Fatal for Ty Power United Press International, Nov 15, 1958
Tyrone Power Dies in Spain NY Herald-Tribune, Nov 17, 1958
Power's Body Will be Flown to Hollywood United Press International, Nov 17 1958
Power's Life More Romantic Associated Press, Nov 1958
Power's Mother Not Told of Death Associated Press, Nov 18, 1958
Widow Weeps as Stars Pay Tribute United Press International, Nov 21, 1958
Tyrone: avrà una leggenda
(in Italian, with photos)
La Domenica del Corriere, Nov 30, 1958
Dashing Actor's Last Duel Life, Dec 1, 1958
"He Was a Beautiful Man" Time Dec 1, 1958
Son Is Born to Widow of Ty Power United Press International, Jan 22, 1959
Farewell to a Great Star Modern Screen, Feb 1959
The Movie That Made Ty Power a Star Screen Stories, Mar 1959
The Scene That Killed Ty Power Screen Stories, Mar 1959
biography in pictures and words Fans' Library, 1959

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