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Ty's Honeymoon Diary & Photos Screen Book, Jan, 1940
Duke and Duchess Movie & Radio Guide, Jun 15-21, 1940
Life Goes to a Party Life, Aug 5, 1940
Look Calls on Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Power Look, Dec 31, 1940
How I Got Even American Magazine, Feb 1941
Movie Life of Tyrone Power Movie Life, May 1941
Blood and Sand Screen Romances, Jun 1941
Ty Powers Fight It Out Photoplay with Movie Mirror, Jul 1941
Yank in the R.A.F. Life, Sep 22, 1941
Still a Killer - Yank in RAF Screen Guide, Nov 1941
How Tyrone Got Wise to Himself Motion Picture, Dec 1941
A War Novel in Pictures Life, Jan 26, 1942
Days I Remember in 1941 Modern Screen, Feb 1942
What Made Tyrone Power Change? Screen Guide, Mar 1942
Trouble at Honeymoon House Stardom, Apr 1942
Why I'm Glad to Leave Hollywood Screen Guide, Aug 1942
On the Set of Crash Dive Modern Screen, Dec 1942
Pictorial feature Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette, April 4, 1943
Sentimental Journey Modern Screen, Apr 1943
Her Heart Wears Khaki Modern Screen, May 1943
Shavetail Modern Screen, Sep 1943
Tyrone Power, Part I Modern Screen, Dec 1943
Tyrone Power, Marine Leatherneck Magazine, Dec 1943
Tyrone Power Modern Screen, Jan 1944
Tyrone Power Likes East Carolina The State NC magazine, Oct 28, 1944
Return of the Marine Photoplay May 1946
Return of Marine, Part 2 Photoplay Jun 1946
The Power and the Glory Modern Screen Jun 1946
Ty's Back! Movieland, Jun 1946
Nobody's Man But His Own Screen Guide Jun 1946
A New Ty for Old Silver Screen, Jul 1946
All That's Good for Us Motion Picture, Jul 1946
This Is What I Believe Screenland, Aug 1946
More Power for Ty Movie Show, Aug 1946
Razor's Edge Kiss Life Aug 12, 1946
Pin-Up Boy Look, Sep 3, 1946
The Heart Plays Tricks Modern Screen, Oct 1946
Razor's Edge Movie of Week Life Nov 18, 1946
Notes from Razor's Edge Modern Screen, Nov 1946
Home is the Warrior Screen Album Dec 1946-Jan 1947
Saludos Amigos Photoplay, Feb 1947
Everything Happens to Ty Movieland, Feb 1947
Razzle Dazzle Movie Premieres Are Back Look, Feb 18, 1947
Ty Talks It Over Photoplay, Mar 1947
Coming Attractions: Captain from Castile Motion Picture, Apr 1947
Tyrone's Untold Story Screen Stars, Apr 1947
Land of Montezuma Photoplay, May 1947
If Ty Had His Way Modern Screen, Jul 1947
Eureka & Warming Up Movie Life, Aug 1947
Lana and Tyrone Silver Screen, Aug 1947
Captain from Castile Silver Screen, Aug 1947
Try and Stop Me Modern Screen, Dec 1947
If You Had a Date With Ty Motion Picture Feb 1948
Annabella Talks About Ty Movieland, Mar 1948
Why Lana & Ty Agreed to Disagree Movieland, Mar 1948
Ty's Terrific Trip Movie Show, Apr 1948
Jigsaw Romance Photoplay, May 1948
Why the Sand in His Shoes? Motion Picture, Jun 1948
The Most Talked About Woman Motion Picture, Jun 1948
I'm Going to Marry Ty Modern Screen, Sep 1948
Power's Progress Photoplay, Jan 1949
Linda - Favorite Model Coronet, Feb 1949
Ty and Linda Get Married Life , Feb 7, 1949
Tyrone Power and Linda Christian Wedding Time, Feb 7, 1949
Mrs. Tyrone Power Look, Feb 12, 1949
One Foot from Eternity Flying Magazine, May 1949
Never Underestimate the Power Modern Screen, Jul 1949
How Lucky Can You Get Photoplay, Nov 1949
A Letter from Ty Motion Picture, Nov 1949
Baby Talk Modern Screen, Nov 1949
Stars on a Spree Abroad Modern Screen, Dec 1949

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